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Welcome to Medusa Holistic

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Hi! If you have made it this far I just want to say thank you for exploring my site.

So what—who is Medusa Holistic?

Currently it is a digital space where we share our love for beauty and everything esoteric. Our two favorite passions.

We love learning and then sharing with others what we have just learned. Medusa Holistic’s Mission is to educate and demystify alternative spiritual and beauty practices, and show how we can incorporate them into our daily routine. Optimizing Mind, Body, and Spirit wellness.

Tarot and Oracle readings is a service we can provide easily virtually. Naturally it's one of our first services offered. With digital downloads, Zoom, and Social Media we are more connected now than ever. Be sure to check out our instagram, where we share moon rituals you can perform at home, skin tips, natural diy beauty products, and more!. We look forward to expanding the depths of how we can reach others via these creative outlets.

see you around,

Medusa Holistic

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