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My Journey

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

My name is Brittany Guzman Alcantar, the woman behind Medusa Holistic. I am a Mexican American Woman, Wife and Mother. I am also a native Phoenician. My Big 3 are: Leo Sun / Leo Moon / Sagittarius Rising. I am also a Life Path 11.

My spiritual journey began at a young age. I would sit on my dad's truck and stare at the stars, buy mood rings—and anxiously wait at what my next color would be, and stack on beaded crystal bracelets that had magical powers. Now many years later that esoteric love has deepened and firmly rooted itself into my entire being. Having gone through many life experiences at a young age, I believe set me up for my path as an Empathic Healer.

I started my healing journey in the beauty industry. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since 2008. I love bringing beauty into the lives of women. During an advanced facial class in 2010, is where I first learned of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection. A holistic approach. That planted a seed inside of me. I remember feeling so deeply intrigued, and my life had completely shifted perspective. Everything I thought I knew up until that point was now different, in an amazing expansive way. Little did I know that that seed would blossom over ten years, with very strong roots. More to come on this later.

All the while though, I was also making synchronistic meaningful connections, and relationships with many of these women. That was my favorite part. Having stepped away from the beauty industry to raise my daughters, that still did not deter me from making these meaningful connections. I found myself entwined with like-minded women, teachers, and mentors who expanded my knowledge and ingrained a sense of cosmic sisterhood that felt so comforting to have.

Medusa Holistic is the creation of my two passions. The duality of beauty and life. Life because it is not perfect, but it is full of beauty. Medusa represents, the physical and natural beauty that we emote, the beauty of Medusa herself. The snakes represent our shadows, the beauty that we carry that has a story. Scars, Pigmentation, Emotional wounds.

With a holistic approach, we can learn to love ourselves for who we truly are, and accept the beauty marks of life.

Medusa Holistic Alternative Beauty Alternative Healing.

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