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Brittany Guzman Alcantar

Licensed Cosmetologist 08'

Specializing in Holistic Facials

Tarot Readings, and Herbal Beauty Products.

In person Location:

Sol Y Tierra Wellness Center

8102 E McDowell Rd. Suite 2E

Scottsdale, Az 85215

My Big 3:

Leo Sun 

Leo Moon 

Sagittarius Rising

Photo by: Vanessa Quintanilla @vqportraits

Welcome to Medusa Holistic:
Where Beauty Goes Beyond Skin Deep

Welcome to Medusa Holistic, a holistic esthetician based in Phoenix, AZ.


My name is Brittany and I'm passionate about helping people feel beautiful and empowered from the inside out. Here you will find a safe space to explore skin and spiritual healing, and I'm here to provide you with honest education and services.

I'm a firm believer in the power of nature. That's why I use herbal remedies, natural ingredients, and holistic healing for my clients. I love to work with my hands and herbs and I'm also passionate about teaching. I'm always looking for ways to share the knowledge I've learned. I'm excited to meet you and guide you on your journey to beautiful, healthy skin.


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Interview with Voyage Phoenix

Check this out!


"Hi Brittany , so great to have you on the platform. There’s so much we want to ask you, but let’s start with the topic of self-care. Do you do anything for self-care and if so, do you think it’s had a meaningful impact on your effectiveness?"




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