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Red Light Therapy: Illuminating beyond beauty.

Has your algorithm been flooded with red lights? Masks, facial wands, light body stands— mine was.

So I did some research (thanks to my Venus in Virgo) before I bit the bullet on which light I wanted to invest in. Yes this is truly an investment I finally decided upon the brand Lumebox and I am so happy to bring it to you all, as well as during your facial treatments.

Lumebox was created by a Doctor Viv who wanted a red light herself, however couldn’t quite find exactly what she was looking for from what was available in the current market.

So she created her own. Lumebox is chargeable and portable, third party tested for safe EMF exposure and safety standards, and the irradiance on the bulbs is greater than many other lights on the market, therefore it can treat multiple parts of the body and deeper muscle cellular tissue not just the face.

With the added benefit of this being a larger portable device it gives you range and versatility that some facial masks or big body light stands do not.

Before we get into how we can use these lights, let's talk about the why we should.


Why Red lights, what is infrared light and why is this beneficial to me?

An easy way I like to think about RLT- Red Light Therapy, is comparing it to photosynthesis. Just as the sun creates a chemical energy for the plants thus optimizing their growth and health, RLT does the same for our mitochondria --the powerhouse of our cells.

Within each cell is the mitochondria and that is responsible for dispersing that newly made RLT energy as it sees fit. This process is called photobiomodulation.

The mitochondria reacts to the infared lights those penetrate deeper, (we can't see these lights with the naked eye) it strengthens and receives the benefits. This creates more cellular energy, less inflammation, and more blood flow, and muscle and joint repair.

The red light that we can see gives us all the skin enhancing, glowing benefits. Aiding in anti aging, collagen production, and reduced inflammation, and topical wound healing.

The great thing about Lumebox is it offers both red light and infared light options. While we can always gain new energy and cell turnover from eating nutriously, working out, supplements and skincare, this is yet one more way we can heal and support our bodies.


Now let's get into it! How can you use this magical red light?

  • On your face and décolote to get all the glowing, anti-aging, collagen boosting, brightening benefits.

  • On any sore muscles: shoulders, lower back, leg day anyone?

  • Joints acting up? Add some RLT to your knees or wrists, ankles, to reduce inflammation.

  • Use it to enhance your meditation practice. Stand it up and just focus on your breathing. The light will relax and calm you.

  • Got a headace? This light actually feels amazing on your head, the slight heat feels so soothing.

  • Stimulating hair growth. Combine the light with a scalp massage will definitely increase the blood flow and cell turnover.

  • Feeling anxious, having trouble sleeping? Placing the light on top of your stomach before bed is very calming and helps to relax and not distrust our circadian rhythm.


The benefits are truly endless. The best part is Lumebox is portable so you are not confined to be near an outlet.

I am so happy to have partnered with such an amazing trusted company. "Lumebox lights are third party tested to be 80% greater than competitors with their near infared lights". That mitochondrial healing power is huge.

As with most things consistency will yield optimal results. If you're looking to take these benefits home with you, you can use my affiliate link for $250 off!!

If you would like to try the light out first add it on to your next facial, and we can customize how you wish to receive the benefits.

Having some shoulder pain that day-- we can place the light on your shoulder while your Honey Tumeric Mask is sitting. Or would you rather have the calming red light hover your face and neck while your receive some energy healing, that's perfect too!

Now that's what I call beyond beauty, that's holistic healing. ❤️🚨

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