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Emergence 25 (7)

"The frequency of Emergence invites us to approach our reality with a childlike attitude of innocence and wonderment, and to watch and celebrate the beauty that unfolds from that place"

Why did we stop seeing the magic in it all?

I remember growing up and looking at the stars. I had dreams of traveling to space as an Astro-naut. I wanted to know what was out there. I remember when I found out the Sun was a giant star I got a little nervous. Would it go out, was it going to die out like the other stars? I remember my dad showed me the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and Orion's Belt. I could always find them. It felt so cool to be able to find something in a space so vast. Kinda like a familiar face in a huge crowd, it always made me smile.

My daughter has the magic. She sees and feels the magic, and it made it alive for me again. The tiniest creatures, the smallest leaves, a bird sitting on a telephone wire. The magic is always there, she always shows it to me.

Sometimes, a lot of the time, Spirit shows me the magic. Feathers, Spiders, Butterfly's. I did my 4th grade animal report on Monarch Butterflies. Every time, I see a butterfly I know it's my dad saying hello. It's the best when it's so random, just taking the trash out and one flaps by just at that moment. "Hi dad!"

I know I chose that animal for a reason for my report.

It was the magic.

Seven is the number connected to Source. It calls on our intuition, and asks us to have faith. Believe in the magic like children. Make the ordinary-extra. A simple creature is not simple at all. It's experiencing your magic: make sure you give them a good show.


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