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Wow, thank you so much for the beautiful reading! So much resonates, I’m so glad I have this reading in email form so I can revisit and reread because each time I read it new things stand out. There were some hard truths in this reading, I feel called out by spirit but in a good way. Overall such a positive and validating reading. I feel so good knowing I’m on the right path. It’s also reassuring to know I going to be able to handle whatever comes my way next and that it’s really going to be all ok. Also, this reading just makes me so excited to get out there and live life. So much good to come. 



Wow Brittany! This resonated so deeply. I love how empowering + actual guidance your reading is. By far the most empowering, confirming, but useful readings. Also I love the written format.



Getting a reading done by Brittany was definitely a blessing in disguise. I’ve been going back and forth about my career path, and I needed an extra guidance because I am a new mom. It’s hard to decide wanting to work full time, but still finding a balance being a mom. I usually get stuck when it comes to big changes in my life, and I felt her reading took a lot of weight of my shoulders. The message was super clear and concise. It also confirmed the choices I desire I want to manifest in my life. She was on point! I feel safe to express what issues I am dealing with. And I believe with any spiritual work such as Tarot readings or energy healing you want to be able to trust and connect the person who is offering it to you. I was able to do that with Brittany. Lastly, any questions I had about the reading she helped me clarify any confusion I had. Thank you again Brittany! Your work is magical!



First time getting a reading. I am a complete beginner when it comes to readings, in fact, I was very much afraid of them and anything outside my beliefs and religion. I’ve known Brittany for 15 years and when she offer to do a reading, I was nervous to say yes, but she was very understanding and informed me of the process. I felt that if I was going to be doing a reading, I would like to have it done by someone with good energy and someone I love, know, trust. She gave me my reading and showed me the cards that she draw for me. Again, the cards looked both intimidating and beautiful and she began explaining each card. She mentioned things from my past, things happening to me at the moment and some things that the future may bring. I felt curious, intrigued and excited with my reading, definitely something I would do again and recommend to anyone looking for a reading. Brittany is a very sweet and connected soul and I know her heart is in the right place To be able to decipher these messages. That’s why she was my choice for my first reading and my experience was just perfect✨



Brittany!💫✨ You did an exceptional job during my reading! Your words were so well explained, descriptive, & relatable! It provided clarity with the obstacles in my life, I really didn’t notice this until recent retrospect. Thank you so much for allowing me such an amazing opportunity & as a Healer, thank you for sharing your intuitive perception✨!



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I have never had a reading before I have always been skeptical, mostly because I am uneducated when it comes to readings and tarot cards but I am trying to learn. Brittany produced my reading in a timely manner and I was very impressed with how knowledgeable she is when it comes to tarot cards and readings. Based on the email I received I can tell she really spent a lot of time on my reading. In addition to that aspect she is extremely intuitive and was able to produce a reading for me that aligned so well with the experiences I am having in my life and I found it to be very helpful. I definitely felt like the information I gave her that I needed clarity on was safe with her. I will definitely be returning for clarity readings in the future. I love that it is in email format so that I could reference it in the future if I needed to.

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