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An Angel testing an Angel

This is what mi amiga told me she felt, after I told her what had happened to me any my family today.

We went out to dinner tonight and as we're getting out of the car my husband tells me there was a wallet on the ground. I said "Oh no, I'll take it inside this store it's parked in front of". He proceeded to tell me to just leave it, but I said No.

The gas cap on the car was pulled out almost as if someone was trying to syphon gas. It all seemed odd, but I proceeded to walk into the store with the wallet in my hands. I didn't notice that I was entering the exit door, and as I was about to walk in some man was coming out and he held the door for me and said, "It's alright you can do something wrong for once", which now thinking about it makes the whole situation much more interesting.

I told the cashier that I found a wallet and it was next to this white car outside. She thanked me and then we walked next door to the restaurant. About 10 minutes later a woman who worked at the store came over to our table and asked if I was the one who returned the wallet. I said yes, and she said "Oh the man wants to thank you, he was inside the store!" I walked to the front of the restaurant and greeted him. He told me "Thank You so much, that was so nice of you" and I said it was no problem and you're welcome, smiled and then sat back down.

About 20 minutes later the man came over to our table again. He preceded to say thank you so much again and he said our meal was taken care of. He paid for our meal! We were so surprised and said thank you so much! We were waiting for our food and had just ordered, He must have stuck around and then told the waitress that he would pay for what we had ordered.

So he sits in front of our table at the bar. I see him looking at the menu, and I think "Oh he's going to get something to eat too." I then look again after just a moment it seems like and he is gone! I thought oh, did he go to the restroom? I am waiting for his return, but after a few minutes the woman that was seated next to him pulls his chair over to her side as to reserve it.

Where did he go? Was he really ever there? How did he leave so quickly?

At the end of our meal the waitress tells us that our meal has been paid for. I asked for the bill so we could leave a tip. I never have cash with me, and I checked and I had $50 in my purse. My plan wasn't to spend it, I had put the cash in just a week or so ago, to bring in more abundance in my life.

It sure served it's purpose. I left that money for our waitress as her tip. Then as I read the receipt we were seated at table 14. That is me and my husband's number.

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