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Life Session Core Values Reading

Life Session Core Values Reading

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Service Description:


Feeling confused, having self-doubt, or not knowing what is the next move? This reading will give you direction and sense of self. Reminding you who you are, and how you are meant to use your gifts in this life.


This reading and spread style, will be based off of your question(s.) Up to three questions: pertaining to the same topic. Each card will be shown what it represents, and the explanation of the card. There will be oracle cards as well for clarity and specificity.


10-12 cards will be chosen. It will be a detailed description of the interpreted cards as well as pictures of the spread. Be sure to have a definite topic at hand. If there is partners/others involved with your question be sure to state their names.

Please include your and any others preferred pronouns. Email format is very clean and easy to understand.


When booking please provide your email address. This reading is sent via email. Turnaround time for delivery is 2-5 days.


*I will not answer any questions regarding health/pregnancy/law/children





These readings are for Entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any decision made based off your reading(s). Take each reading with discernment and only take what resonates. These readings are based off of the energy of said question(s), it is not what will be. That ultimately will be up to free will.


    Please provide best email to reach you.

    If it has been more than  5 days and you have not recieved your reading please check your spam/junk folder as well. Best way to contact me is via email:



    No Cancelation or Refund Policy

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