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Open Roads Baño Limpia

First we cleanse and clear the road, then we create and follow our path.


What you'll need:

With this Baño we will be using two crystals one to cleanse and the other to set our intentions for what we would like to call in, Black Obsidian and Clear Quartz.

An Open Roads Incense to clear the air, or Rosemary can also be used.

Epsom Salt to help detoxify and draw out stagnant energy and help ease you into a meditative state. Florida Water as well if you have it to prepare the water, not necessary though. A empty cup.

If you do not have a tub, you can fill a bowl/bucket with water to place your feet in.


First make sure you will have a solid 30 minutes to yourself. This Baño deserves your full attention, and you deserve it too.

Start the bath water and make it hot (if you can), we won’t be sitting in it for about 10 minutes. If you do not have a tub, you can fill a basin to place your feet in. Also pour in your Epsom Salt at this time.

Light your Open Road incense and a candle too to set the mood. Splash a little Florida Water in your bath water to cleanse and prepare the bath.

Once your tub is full carefully place your feet in. As you sit with your feet in the water grab your Black Obsidian Crystal. You will be performing a limpia on yourself using the crystal to absorb anything that does no longer serve you.

As you are seated pass the Black Obsidian over your head and drag it down as if you are energetically dusting off what no longer serves you. You will sweep your entire body head down to the bottoms of your feet. Pass the crystal between each hand to fully cover all sides of your body. Wherever you are sweeping along your body release a corresponding thought tied to that body part or chakra. I.e., "I release any thoughts of unworthiness"(head), I release being scared to set boundaries (throat), "I release the wall around me that hides my vulnerability (heart). etc.

Once you have fully released the low vibrational thoughts or energies that you no longer want to carry you can set the Black Obsidian down. Spalsh your hands with a little Florida Water if available and then grab the Clear Quartz Crystal.

Now you will want to submerge yourself in the bath water, if you only have a shower you can begin to shower regular at this time.

Here hold the Clear Quartz in your left hand as you lay/stand in the water. Call in everything that you would like for yourself. Use I AM statements.

I AM ...... Envision yourself as these things, doing these things, in these exact moments you are calling in. Fell the feelings and the emotions of what you ARE calling in.

When you feel ready you can step out of the baño and step into your clear path. Before you drain the water fill up a cup of that highly charged baño water. If you are in the shower fill a cup of water and hold it with your clear quartz placed inside to infuse it with your intentions.

You will be offering this intentional water back to Mother Earth. Go outside and find a nice piece of earth where you can pour your intentions and recite these words:

As above so below, I water my intentions and watch them grow.

You can now use the clear quartz when you meditate, or in the center of a crystal grid to remind you of the intentions you set.

Performing this baño on a Thursday is a powerful day to harness the expansiveness of Jupiter’s energy.


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